Become a Certified CBT Life Coach

Do you want to empower yourself or life coaching clients to master the most powerful tool of all – The MIND?

Help yourself and if you are a Life Coach help your life coaching clients get unstuck and take actions.

Help yourself and your clients stop feeling out of control and learn to control their thoughts, emotions, and life.

Help yourself and your clients make better decisions, stop self-sabotaging and develop self-confidence by understanding the mindset.

As Mind doesn’t come with the instructions manual we are here with a course to tame your monkey mind which always distract and transmit negative thinking and stop creating the life you or your clients want.

This course will help your Monkey Mind to create a BANANA.

What YOU will learn from this course:

  • Techniques for reprogramming the mind
  • How thoughts and emotions work and how to develop self awareness and understand them.
  • Stop negative thinking and retrain your Monkey Mind to think more positively and clearly using CBT Techniques
  • Stop self-sabotaging behaviours using CBT Techniques
  • CBT Techniques will help stop stalling and overcome procrastination
  • Stop incessant worrying and silence their inner critic
  • Overcome fear and resistance
  • Manage anger
  • CBT Techniques will help to feel more peaceful and optimistic
  • Learn NLP Techniques

Who this course is for:

  • You are an individual and want to grow
  • Specifically for one who want to help himself / herself
  • Specifically for one who wants to help others
  • Anyone who wants to help others by taming their mind and control the negative thoughts and emotions to get the success
  • Whoever wants to help others to learn how to use their most powerful toll and control their mindsets, thoughts and reactions?

So… Are you ready to become a Certified CBT Life Coach? Enroll now

Course Fee
9999.00 INR

Discount Offer
6999.00 INR