Have you ever had any client who had great potential and innovative ideas but didn’t follow through?

This is a normal experience which we all Life Coaches get through our coaching. We know what we need to do but we don’t do. We procrastinate, we develop self doubts, we are attacked by our inner critic and we become paralyzed. These are all lack of confidence.

We have specifically created this Confidence Life Coaching Certification Program because we have seen that so many life coaches try to help the clients developing their confidence by unintentionally giving erroneous advice.

Our program is not only having to feel good about yourself but help you understand the limiting beliefs and behavior that lead to self doubts and low self confidence.

You will get a blue print of proven processes and tools for creating confidence for life coaching program for your / clients unique needs.

This structured Confidence Life Coaching Certification Program gives you the tools you need to coach your clients or as an individual to develop your genuine and true confidence.

By this program you will help your clients to:
  • Develop the growth mindset
  • Stop self-sabotaging and procrastination and ultimately getting out of self-doubts
  • Feel deeply confident even in the phases of criticism and rejection
  • The confidence to stop being crushed of failures
  • The confidence to reach the goals aspire or set for themselves
  • The confidence to turn set back into opportunity to ignite the positivity in their lives.

What you will learn out of it:

  • Understand the psychology behind the self confidence and self esteem.
  • Use proven, step-by-step tools and strategies for helping clients to overcome self doubts and create true confidence.
  • Give clients the confidence to quiet the inner critic and empower their self-talk.
  • Help clients develop their confidence and beliefs that they can do and become anything they want.
  • Help clients to develop competence this is what leads to true confidence.
  • Understanding the misconception around with confidence is to create long-lasting confidence.

Who This Course is for:

  • You are an individual and want to grow
  • You are a Life Coach
  • You are a counselor / speaker / teacher or other professional or works for people and want to develop their inner confidence and as well as to help the people around to increase their true confidence and self esteem
  • You want to expand your credibility through being a certified True Confidence Life Coach with proven tools and systems.
  • If you want to learn how to transform your life and that all others by learning psychology of confidence.
  • If you want to help people move past excuses and develop the confidence to achieve their dreams.

You are the perfect case to join this course so HURRY UP enroll now …

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9999.00 INR

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